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Owners Corporation Certificates

An owners corporation must issue an owners corporation certificate to any person within 10 business days of receiving a written request and the relevant fee payment.

There are maximum fees that can be charged for this service, and for meeting urgent requests within a set number of days. For a list of the fee limits, view our Fees - owners corporation page.

What an owners corporation certificate must include

The certificate must include:

  • current quarterly or annual fees for the lot

  • the date to which fees have been paid

  • total unpaid fees or charges for the lot

  • the date that special fees or levies were approved and the due date for payment

  • details of repairs, maintenance or other work that may incur extra charges to those already budgeted or approved

  • details of insurance cover

  • whether the owners corporation has resolved that members may arrange their own insurance and the date of this decision

  • a total of funds held by the owners corporation

  • whether the owners corporation has any other liabilities in addition to those listed above, and the details of those liabilities

  • details of any contracts, leases, licences or agreements affecting the common property

  • details of any agreements to provide services to lot owners, occupiers or the public

  • details of any outstanding notices or orders served on the owners corporation in the past 12 months

  • details of any legal proceedings involving the owners corporation and any circumstances likely to lead to proceedings

  • whether the owners corporation has appointed or has resolved to appoint a manager and, if so, the name and address of the manager

  • whether an administrator has been proposed or appointed for the owners corporation.

The following documents must be attached to the certificate:

An owners corporation should have all of this information in its records or set out on the plan of subdivision.

It is very important that the information contained in the owners corporation certificate is accurate.

Affixing the seal to an owners corporation certificate

The owners corporation seal must be affixed to the certificate by:

  • two members of the owners corporation, or

  • the registered manager, or

  • the chairperson.

They should write, next to the seal, ‘witnessed by’, with their full name, address, and the capacity in which they affixed the seal. It is a good idea to include the date.

Buying or selling

If you intend to sell your property, you must include an owners corporation certificate and accompanying documents in the Section 32 statement (also known as a vendor’s statement).

Section 32 statements are sometimes prepared up to 12 months before the sale of the property, so buyers should either:

  • ask for a new certificate before settlement, or

  • make a time to inspect the owners corporation register and records.

While it is free to check the owners corporation register, the owners corporation can charge a fee for copies of documents. For a list of the fee limits, view our Fees – owners corporations page.


Keeping a record of owners corporation certificates

Your owners corporation should keep copies of all owners corporations certificates it has issued.

Owners corporation certificate fees

On 1 October 2014, a new fee structure was introduced, setting out the maximum amount an owners corporation can charge for issuing a certificate.

If a lot is affected by more than one owners corporation, a separate certificate may be issued for each and the owners corporation may charge a separate fee.

There are discounts for additional certificates, when required as part of a sale of land from the same owners corporation manager. 

The value of a fee unit is $14.81 for 2019-20. This amount will change at the start of each financial year. For more information, visit the Indexation of fees and penalties page on the Department of Treasury and Finance website.


Certificate within 6-10 business days                         

Certificate within 3-5 business days                            

Certificate within 2 business days                                 

Additional certificate within 6-10 business days

Additional certificate within 3-5 business days

Additional certificate within 2 business days

Maximum fee (not including GST)

9.64 fee units

14.46 fee units

17.35 fee units

5.3 fee units

7.95 fee units

9.54 fee units