Owners Corporation Establishment

Set-up and Developer Consultancy

Your owners corporation may be new or may not have been active for many years. When engaged at an early stage, Genesis Property will undertake all necessary work and tasks to ensure an effective Owners Corporation set-up. Our constant liaison with builders, relevant authorities, solicitors, surveyors etc.. ensure that your building is ready to operate as soon as the plan of subdivision has been registered to allow for an effortless property settlement process.

We work closely with developers to advise on plans, infrastructure, operation guidelines that will have a significant outcome on the end product the their clientele receive. Proper and detailed planning from the beginning of the project play a major role in reduction maintenance costs and increasing the long-term value of the property which is important to a developer's industry reputation.  We also provide design reviews and levy contribution estimations to give developers as much information as possible for them to pass to their clients and purchasers. Lastly, the handover process is concluded with a final design review meeting and inspection in which we save developers from having to submit costly defect claims post-settlement to ensure a smooth handover process for the new owners of the building.

When appointed to take over the management of an existing Owners Corporation, our team of construction and facility managers will conduct various site inspections and prepare reports to identify and tend to an existing defects or liabilities caused by the previous administration. Our handovers not only fulfil account, insurance and legal requirements, but also offer a stress-free transition for the Owners Corporation Committee and and lot owners.

How to Change Strata Managers in Victoria

  1. Obtain a copy of your current contract and income and expenditure statement to understand the current terms and fees you are paying.

  2. Ask your new preferred owners corporation manager for a quote listing all their fees and hidden charges if any. Be wary of any finders fee being paid to a third party as the new manager may try to reclaim that fee through you.

  3. Call either a Committee meeting or a Special General Meeting with a motion to remove the old manager and appoint the new one.

  4. Send a copy of the minutes of the successful meeting to your old manager as well as your new manager.

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