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Owners Corporation Register

Owners corporation register

All owners corporations, except those with only two lots, must establish and maintain an owners corporation register.

What is the register?

The owners corporation register is a summary of its activities, undertakings and membership. It must include a hard copy or electronic record of the:

  • owners corporation plan number and address

  • name and address of each lot owner

  • name, registration number and contact details of the manager (if there is one)

  • lot liability and lot entitlements for each lot

  • basis for setting of lot liability and lot entitlement (if available)

  • date and details of each amendment to the owners corporation rules

  • details of contracts, leases and licences entered into by the owners corporation

  • details of insurance policies.

Establishing an owners corporation register

Documents required for the owners corporation register should already be part of the owners corporation’s records or set out on the plan of subdivision. You can get a copy of the plan of subdivision from Land Use Victoria. Visit the Land Use Victoria website.

The register must be easily accessible and available in English.

Access to the owners corporation register

An owners corporation register must be made available for inspection upon request to a:

  • lot owner

  • mortgagee of a lot

  • buyer of a lot

  • representative of a lot owner, mortgagee or buyer of a lot.

Download our Request to inspect owners corporation register and/or records (Word, 59KB).

An owners corporation:

  • cannot charge people to inspect the records and register

  • can charge a reasonable fee for copies of records. For a list of the fee limits, view our Fees - owners corporations page.

If your owners corporation votes to charge a fee, it should make rules about the amount, invoicing and payment.

Make sure the fee will cover costs; for example, the cost your manager may charge for supervising inspections of the register and records.

A fee that seeks to recover more than the actual cost may be unreasonable and in breach of the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012.

To check the authenticity of the register, a lot owner or potential buyer inspecting the owners corporation register should ask:

  • who prepared the owners corporation register?

  • when was the register prepared?

  • when was the register updated?